Our Skateparks are designed to accommodate multiple action sports disciplines including: Skateboard, Roller , BMX and Scooter. We provide innovative spaces that bring together young and old from different backgrounds in order to participate in their common passion, urban sports.



Whether intended for use by amateurs or experienced practitioners, in small towns or large metropolises, we create tailor-made parks, according to the requirements of the users.
The different equipment, modules, dimensions and transitions that we create directly determine the level of difficulty associated with the levels of practice of future users.

A beginner skater will have more fun with reduced heights and less tight curves, while a more experienced BMX rider will look to gain height and more speed allowing them to ride the modules at a certain pace.

The age, the level of practice, the location and the existence of supervision on the site are all criteria that will be taken into account to define an appropriate development for your project.


Designed to match your requirements

For more than 20 years, Hurricane Parks has been creating Skateparks for communities.
Today, we are able to offer you scalable facilities with maximum versatility that match with the requirements of the different practitioners in your area.

We create structures that meet your sporting expectations, but also fit with your needs in terms of:

• Budget
• Durability
• Location
• Noise
• Aesthetics
• Accessibility 

Skatepark, Pump Track or Parkour areas, our teams create original, tailor-made spaces that can accommodate practitioners of all “freestyle” disciplines, and of all levels.

All this while ensuring maximum safety.


Complete Service 

Production is carried out in our workshops by our team of professionals. We also provide transport and complete installation of the structures.

Established in France and China, we operate all over the world.

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