Recreational Parks

For more than 20 years HURRICANE PARKS has embarked on the creation of tailor-made parks, allowing as many people as possible to practice urban sports. The Hurricane group has an entity dedicated to the design of Parks with HURRICANE PARKS and the design of Pump Tracks with HURRICANE TRACKS. The practice of Pump Track is useful for learning and gaining techniques that can be practiced on a skatepark. So skatepark and Pump Track projects are often complementary.

By evolving to the rhythm of sports, HURRICANE PARKS today imagines Parks as real places of life and social cohesion. These Parks allow practice from an early age for all disciplines and all levels, respecting the ideology of urban culture: “to belong to the city as an individual and as a citizen”.

Thanks to a real work of reflection carried out on sports practice and the use of spaces, the HURRICANE PARKS recreation parks allow municipalities to offer a complete and in-depth area for all levels of practice of each discipline.

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