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Together we can build the sports facilities that will make the Champions of tomorrow!”

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HURRICANE PARKS is the official provider of the infrastructures used during the FISE events. We design and build the skateparks, pumptracks and wakeparks used in each of these sporting events since 1997. They are developed with the requirements and values of the key action sports in mind: BMX, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Freestyle Scootering, Wakeboarding and Mountain Biking.

Besides the structures purposely built for contests, the HURRICANE PARKS team designs and builds tailor-made modular ramps defined by the needs of a town’s users and associations.

HURRICANE PARKS also provides consulting in project management as well as for architectural projects. Those can therefore be adapted in real-time to better suit everyday use at any skill level.
Furthermore, the company has an in-house communications agency providing expertise on organising media coverage and marketing of sporting events.

HURRICANE PARKS has all the expertise linked to the design and manufacturing of specialised sporting facilities. They are perfectly suited to the needs of action sport practitioners, whether at an amateur level or for professional contests. HURRICANE PARKS considers action sports as true lifestyles and acts on a daily basis to further their growth and evolution through the FISE events. Our ramps and features have been tried and tested by the best French and international riders.
HURRICANE PARKS skateparks are carefully thought-out with daily use and spatial planning in mind and thus provide users of all levels and all disciplines with an extensive and progressive experience: from novice to beginner, amateur to advanced and expert.
Our expertise is the fruit of our collaboration with riders to provide them with ramps and features suited to their needs in terms of design, layout and quality.

The HURRICANE PARKS skateparks, ramps, wakeparks and pumptracks are the cornerstones of every FISE event, and as such have built an international reputation for their evermore daring lines and designs that allow for the most spectacular action sports shows.
The quality and expertise of HURRICANE PARKS skateparks are recognised by international sports federations. The International Cycling Union (UCI) and the International Federation for Roller Sports (FIRS), have chosen HURRICANE PARKS as their official provider for the infrastuctures used in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup and the Inline Freestyle World Championships.
By choosing your infrastructures correctly, you are providing the athletes of today with the necessary tools to become the champions of tomorrow!
HURRICANE PARKS, built by riders, intended for riders.

HURRICANE PARKS, par les riders, pour les riders.

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