What is a Pump Track?

A Pump Track is an alternation of small bumps, banked turns and larger bumps allowing for jumps. The principle is simple: “pump” between the bumps to generate and maintain speed in order to complete laps on the slopes without pedalling or pushing.

Outdoor Equipment for Everyone

In addition to providing a solution for the development and recycling of your abandoned spaces, a Pump Track enables residents to unite around a healthy and fun activity. From the child on a balance bike, to the teenager on a scooter, and even experienced riders … On a Pump Track everyone has fun and can ride in their own way.

The round shapes allow everyone to learn smoothly and safely while seasoned practitioners see it as cardio workout.

A versatile track providing a safe way to practice

Beyond their aesthetic appearance, our Pump Tracks are covered with asphalt for 3 reasons:

• Endures all weather
• Allows all types of vehicle use
• Easy to ride for all

Unlike a skatepark or a cross-country track, the Pump Track offers maximum experiences while limiting risk-taking.

In this spirit of discovery and fun, we offer several formats:

• Basic suitable for children
• The public during high attendance.
• Beginner loops, which may or may not overlap with the rest of the project depending on the target audience.
• Close loops for keen riders.

Interested in creating a Pump Track in your Town? Contact us and let our passionate experts guide you!



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