Pre-Owned Parks

Do you want to acquire a skatepark for your area but do not have the necessary budget to create a tailor-made park?

Hurricane Parks has the solution for your project: a Pre-owned Park!

An economic and ecological solution

HURRICANE Parks create large-scale modular infrastructures for various events such as FISE. Our policy of reusing modules systematically gives a second life to all of our temporary parks.

This is the opportunity for everyone to acquire at a lower cost a park that has already proven itself in international, continental or national competitions.

After a visit to the HURRICANE Parks workshops to bring them up to standards adapted to the municipalities, you have the opportunity to offer the riders in your area the modules that create the enthusiasm of athletes during international competitions!

In order to offer this chance to as many people as possible, Hurricane Parks is committed to offering you the possibility of acquiring FISE modules with a discount of their new value, especially at the end of the season!

Rent before you buy

In order to ensure that the type of installation chosen is consistent with the practices of users in your municipality, you have the option of renting a park.

A rental that can be planned for short or long periods, with the possibility of buying all the modules. An ideal response allowing the practice and approval of modules before a final commitment.

With this new concept HURRICANE PARKS reinvents the purchase of skateparks by municipalities by offering them the possibility of the real choice of practitioners.

Interested in a Pre-owned Park? Our teams will guide you in your choice