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HURRICANE PARKS was founded in 1997 by the Hurricane group to answer a growing demand for contest-quality infrastuctures that fit the requirements of high-level sporting events.
Enthusiasm for action sports has been steadily growing among french kids and adolescents which naturally drove HURRICANE PARKS to build structures allowing them to learn and make progress.
HURRICANE PARKS skateparks are carefully thought-out with daily use and spatial planning in mind and thus provide users of all levels and all disciplines with an extensive and progressive experience: from novice to beginner, amateur to advanced and expert.
Following an increase in the demand for skatepark projects, Hurricane decided in 2015 to build a new 600 m2 HURRICANE PARKS workshop.

In this bigger and improved space, HURRICANE PARKS has all the tools necessary to meet the demands of any project :
-permanent skateparks in cities throughout continental France, in the overseas departments and territories and North Africa.
-temporary skateparks for sporting events in France and worldwide.
Out of the 49 employees of the Hurricane group, 14 are dedicated to ensuring that the tailor-mad’HURRICANE PARKS infrastructures meet the requirements of each project.
Thanks to the success of FISE events worldwide, a steady growth and a gross benefit of a couple million euros ; HURRICANE PARKS opened two new offices in China and Canada in 2016. This is a true revolution in the exporting of « french expertise » abroad. Through our action-sport events, the HURRICANE PARKS are establishing a solid hold on the Asian and North-American market.

HURRICANE PARKS has all the expertise linked to the design and manufacturing of specialised sporting facilities. They are perfectly suited to the needs of action sport practitioners, whether at an amateur level or for professional contests.

Our values :


The HURRICANE PARKS team is made up only of dedicated riders who are qualified to work with wood, steel and high-density polyethylene. They are (au fait de) atentive to the day-to-day evolution of action sports and are able to anticipate the expectations of riders. Our ramps and features are therefore unique, (daring/ambitious) and always match the needs of riders.


The HURRICANE PARKS design office delivers sporting facilities able to accomodate riders of all « freestyle » disciplines and all skill-levels in a secure environment. The aim is to provide young riders with a dedicated space where they can gather with friends and family. A meeting-place that is full of life and that allows for both maximum fun and maximum safety.

Attention to detail

In order to ensure the most pertinent designs for our ramps, HURRICANE PARKS highly values the riders’ feedback : The skateparks of the FISE events are designed in collaboration with international riders. Municipal skateparks are thought-out and designed in collaboration with local users, conscious of the fact that the creation of sporting facilities in a city must involve all local players.

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